Thursday, January 9, 2014


January 8, 2014

     Well today was my first day of school...and...I'm 

I've only been to two of my classes!! GAHH!!

     Kay here is my day... Well the basic schedule of the day. I wake up at 5:30 a.m. I get ready and then leave my house at 7:15. I get on the bus at 7:24 and then TRAX (Utah's version of above ground subway/street car/train...) at 7:50. I get up to Salt Lake by 8:30. I intern from 9-12. Then my first class starts at 12:40.

     On Mondays and Wednesdays, my first class goes from 12:40-1:40 and my second class goes from 1:50-3:20. I then get back on TRAX at 3:30, get on the bus at 4:20, and then get home by 4:45. Then if I have work, I'm scheduled from 6 until 10.

     On Tuesdays and Thursdays, everything is the same in the morning. My first class goes from 12:40-2:10. My second class goes from 2:20-3:50. Then I get on TRAX at4 and the bus at 4:50... I don't get home until 5:15! And remember if I have work...It's at 6.

     Oh and I have to add in all the homework. Some of which (a lot of which actually...) is done on a software I don't have and It can't be done in class... So I have to somehow fit in coming before class or stay after forever to get all that done! And I have to sleep and eat and attempt at having a social life.

     And I found out that a class I have, that I thought only met 3 times during the semester, meets every week!!! So I'm probably going to have to wake up an hour earlier so I can intern form 8-12 Monday through Wednesday so I can make up for the lost day. Which means less sleep!!!

     Thank the Heavens I have no school on Friday so I can catch up on sleep and try to catch up on the home work!!

     This is going to be a long semester...

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