Sunday, March 31, 2013

And they needed...

5th (and last!) catch up post.

No worries you don't have to hear from me again today. Like I said in my first post from today (To a new start) once you get me going, I don't really stop! haha!

So. I have talked about my love for Halloween before on here. (I posted a make up video a few months back.) But for those that are just joining in now, (welcome!) I LOVE LOVE LOVE HALLOWEEN! I mean really it is kind of an obsession. I always thought it was awesome, but a few years ago, three to be exact, I started working at a haunted corn maze. (Shout out to Thanksgiving Point, Cornbelly's, and Insanity Point!!)

Ever since then, I have been obsessed. I count down the days until October. Until the day that I can get all dressed up, bloodied up, and paid to run around a corn maze making people cry! It is really so exhilarating and one of the greatest things ever! AH! I love it!

So ever since my obsession began, I created a dream. You know one of those far out dreams that you are aware that will probably never happen, but it still makes you happy to think about. Well my far out, happy dream is acting in a scary movie. Like big picture, red carpet, premier, award show, on Ellen (ya it is a huge dream of mine to go to let alone be on the Ellen show) kind of movie. HA! I know it is kind of out there, but it is still something that I dream about.

Well one day, my dad emails me an add off of Craig's List. Some one in my dear state was planning on making an indie movie and they needed.....


Ya. Being a zombie in a movie sounds like an awesome idea! And I know that it isn't my huge, amazing movie dream, but its a movie for heaven's sake! So all they asked for was some pictures of yourself as a zombie...


First off I want to thank my brother for taking all of the pictures! They turned out fantastic!

So. Ya. I'm obsessed. But I love it with all of my heart! I haven't had so much fun in a long time!

HAHA! Quick story! So there are a lot of little kids in my neighborhood. So I started this fantastic photoshoot in my front yard, well after a few kids stopped in the middle of the street to partake in the glorious show, I decided that it would be best to move the party to the back yard.

Well things are going great in the somewhat more private place... When out of nowhere my brother starts to laugh. I turn around and there are about 6-8 kids hanging on a playset and the fence staring at me. Horrified. Ya. I'm the crazy scary one in he neighborhood! 

So if you ever decide to go crazy with the fake bood and makeup....make sure that you are somewhere that the little, innocent children won't partake in your craziness. Wisdom of the day.    

My hair goal is under way....

4th catch up post.

Really I'm on a roll!! :)


So I used to have really long hair. Really long. Here is an example:

This is me when I was 9. (HOLY CRAP!! 10 FREAKING YEARS AGO!!! I'm so old.) But ya. This is my hair when I was younger. It was at least this long as long as I could remember...forever really!

Then when I was in 7th grade I cut it. OFF. Like cheek bones. And I have had it short ever since. I liked it short. It was fun and spunky and curly and fantastic. But, I couldn't do anything with it. Down. Ponytail. Bun. That's all I got. At first this didn't bug me. Long hair is such a hassle! And all I had to do was comb it, put gel in it, and DONE! It was fantastic.

Anyway fast forward to June last year. I had been debating whether I wanted to grow it out or if I wanted to leave it. I had been wishing I could do more with my hair, but I am impatient (another thing that I am working on) and if I was going to grow it out, I just wanted it to be long after like.... a week! But alas that is not realistic. :P

So ya I was in this weird place of indecision. Then on that one day in June, my decision was made. That day was when I went and saw Brave!

I mean LOOK at that hair!! That is what my hair looks like when it is fabulous and long. After I saw that movie I promised that I wouldn't cut my hair until it was long. And I can proudly say that I haven't. And man it has grown.

Here is what my hair looked like the day that I decided to grow my hair out.

See cheekbone length. And yes, that is my beautiful mother! She is fantastic!

Now this is what it looks like today (well not actually this very day, but this hair is currently up in a cute up-do. Thank you pinterest!)

This is me on my 19th birthday!! And yes with my gorgeous mother again! :) My hair is now resting on my shoulders! From cheekbones to shoulders in.....9 months. (sorry had to do the math in my head! haha) Ya. I don't really have a special trick. I took biotin for a month-ish. A lot of people told me that it helps, but I didn't take it long enough to know the difference. (I kept forgetting to take it!) I guess just stay healthy and keep your hair healthy. 

So ya. My hair goal is under way. Another 6 months to a year, and it should be where I want it. Oh and I need to get it layered....oh time. Anyway, loving it so far!

Keep you posted on its progression. :)

A changed woman....

3rd catch up post.

(Sorry if this is kinda weird to put them all in at one day, but hey, I've got the time and there is no better time than now, right?)


So next week I will officially have finished my freshman year of college! I'm so excited! It has been a long and crazy ride, but I have loved every minute of it. I love my college and the city that I'm in. I have really grown as a person. I feel more confident, smart (obviously), and just happy and accomplished!

To be totally honest, I was terrified of going to college. I mean I was really excited about the idea of it: new friends, more freedom, having adventures..... all great stuff. But I was terrified. I mean it took me a few months to get up the courage to call the school to ask a few questions that I had. It was really bad. But I had nothing to be afraid of.

Really these last few months have been so eye-opening. I have found that I can do so much more than I thought I could do a year ago. I am more proactive than I used to be (I still need to work on it and be more willing to put myself out there for the world to see, but I'm getting better). I plan for things better. I have to plan for homework, travel, work, after school/group projects, etc. Less procrastination...not gone...but less. Ha! 

Really though, I feel more rounded out...? Sorry that sounds weird, but I guess its the truth. I am getting closer to the person that I want to be and that I know I can be. 

To all of the friends I have made in college: Thank you for being awesome and helping me through my college experience. You people are such great examples and sources of light in my life. The things that you say and do mean so much to me, even if they don't seem like that big of a deal to you! Really, thank you! :)

To my family: Thank you for also being awesome! Thanks for dealing with my complaining about waking up early and being tired or how some teacher is annoying. Thanks for believing in me and encouraging me through my crazy "over think everything" stage (that still seems to continue even today). You have been one of the greatest blessings of my life! I thank you and love you soo very much!

To you readers, whoever you may be: I just want to thank you as well. For taking the time to read my crazy rantings. That is pretty cool of you! Now I want to say something to you...advice I guess you could call it. I know that I am young and I don't have much advice to give, but I still have something to say. GO FOR IT! It is a simple phrase, but sometimes that simplest of things can be the most important. Go for you dreams. Go for that person you really think is fantastic. Go for that job that you have always wanted. Go for that passion. Go for what is best for you. Whatever your "it" is, GO FOR IT! I have unfortunately spent a lot of my life waiting for my "it" to come to me. It is something that I am working on continually. And it is something that I wish that I figured out a lot sooner. Don't be like me...the old me. :) 

Let's make a deal. I'll go for it if you do! DEAL! 

So there you have it. College. Making me a changed woman! :)

Yes I am in love...

2nd catch up post.

So. Last October.....I bought...A CAR!!! Ya. Here it is:


This is Lars. Yes Lars...It's a great name don't judge! haha! 

Anyway, this is Lars and he is a great car. He is kinda...hmmm...what's the word I'm looking for....old. Ya that would be it! This May he will be 22 years old. Yes if my car was human, he would be able to drink. But he is pretty fantastic.

Also it helps that I got him for $400 :) Ya that's right $400!!! There was a lot that needed to be fixed for him to run, but now that he is fixed up he runs really well. I haven't had any problems even in the crazy, horrid snow! 

Yes I am in love with my car and I am not afraid to say it! :)

Miss my friend...

First catch up post.

I'm not sure if I have talked about this before, so in the case that I haven't, let me give some back story.

This is Ruby. She was my beautiful Labrador Retriever/ Chihuahua mix. (A different story for a different time.) She was a huge and very important part of my life for lots of years. Sadly she past away January 22, 2012.

I guess I'm trying to get to is that this last January has been a year since this beautiful, independent, funny, happy, loving, and just truly amazing little ball of fur left my life. I miss my friend very much. Everyday actually. She was so sweet and ugh! just amazing. I don't know how else to describe her.

Ruby, I love you and I miss you dearly! 

To a new start....

First off, I want to apologize for my writing absence. My life kind of exploded with busy-ness. Work got crazy at the end of the year and my semester ended. Then there was just life in general. (I'll fill you in on the big stuff in the next few posts.)

But here's to a new start!

And man oh man, I could really use a new start. I've been thinking about my life recently, and well, it feels like something has been missing. Don't get me wrong, my life is really great and full. I am taking 17 credit hours this semester, I work about 15 hours a week at my job (this next week I am scheduled for 28 hours and it's the 2nd to last week of the schedule.....but we'll get to that when it comes), and I hang out with my friends and family. But I feel like something has been missing. And I couldn't place my finger on what it was.....until the other day.

I realized that I don't have something to be passionate about. The people I love in my life, my family and friends, have something to be passionate about: writing, sports, books, art, dance, genealogy, acting, etc. But when I look at my life, I have nothing to fill that place. I have things I really like to do, my hobbies. 

I love photography, but I hardly ever have the time to do it. I love to dance, but I'm not trained enough to do anything with it. I love to draw, but its more just doodles when my mind wanders. Hobbies, things I like to do, but not quite passions.

So this is where my new start on this here blog comes in! I am hoping that my blog will become my passion. You see, I am somewhat of a talker. I will admit it. Once you get me going on something or the other, I can talk for a long time. So what could be better than me expressing my thoughts about whatever comes to mind for as long as I want on a blog! Ya it sounds like a good deal to me. 

So that's the plan.

Blogging. My new passion.

Today. My new start.