Saturday, January 11, 2014

I Hope He Calls Again...

     Well... I went on a date... :) It was SUPER fun!

     Before I dish all the dirt, let me first clue you in on how I got this date...

     So I don't date much...Well at all really...Not by choice, if that's what you're thinking! I very much want to and like to date! I just...don't. Don't ask me why...I really don't know... And believe me people have asked..awkward.

     Now this cruel reality of my love life is something that bothers my father very much. I'm kind of a Daddy's girl and he says I'm too fantastic to stay at home so much. So...he has taken it upon himself to give out my number to as many good young men that he can...

     I know slightly embarrassing  but still really sweet. :) And it has been kinda successful. This is the second date that has come out of this crusade for love. for the good stuff!!

     So...his name is Nate. And he's great! How profound of me right?! HA! But really though, he is great! He is really cute.. :) And he's funny and really smart and athletic and passionate and well spoken and driven sounds kinda weird to go on about a guy who I just went on my first date with! And a blind date at that!

     .....I don't know...I was just really impressed with him...Don't judge me!

     I felt we really got along and he's easy to talk to and I really enjoyed being around him. There wasn't really any awkward pauses or moments which is big because I'm kinda the queen of awkward!

     Anyway...I should probably tell ya what we did right..?

     So we went laser tagging! :) The local bowling alley has an arcade and laser tag in it so we went and just joined up with another group and had at it! We played some of the arcade games while we were waiting our turn to play. was so much fun! :) We played the basketball hoop game and the football throwing game and the race car arcade game! We got a ton of tickets and got goofy little toys at the end! Ya it was super fun!

     Sidenote: I have to say I did a ton better at the basketball and football than I thought I would! :)

     Oh and laser tagging...SO FUN!! I haven't been in ages! The first game, I did awful!! Haha! But the second game, I doubled my score and my accuracy was 2% higher than everyone else! Oh Ya!! Go second game!

     Oh and then we went and got frozen yogurt and talked! Again...he is really great to talk to!

     I had so much fun! And...Let's just say I hope he calls me again...

Til next time...


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