Monday, November 26, 2012

hippie and the ninja....


sorry about the long time no write thing on my is kinda exploding with busy...i've got school, work, and ....ya that is pretty much my life right now. haha! but hey its all good!

but here is the reason i finally got on here! i made a new blog...with my brother! :) its called hippie and the ninja and its basically going to be a whole bunch of crazy nonsense! we are going to post videos we see and of us doing stuff, pictures we like, and just anything that comes to our mind to share! :) so ya.. you should read it! its gonna be freaking fantastic!

do it now!! :)

well not really right this very instance...cuz there isn't anything on it really...but in a day or it! :)

thanks for reading!


ps i hope to have a video or two soon of some make up tutorials and such! :)