Monday, January 6, 2014

A List of Things that are Secret...

Hello again...

Well, recently I got a cool journal and for some reason I have become extremely attached to it. I am really good at writing in it.. Like every other day. Also I feel like I write better in it as well... I am pretty sure that it is magical.. But that's just me.

Anyway... I have decided that I might just post the things that I write in my magical journal on here. Normally that would freak me out because my journal is kind of private... But then again... I don't really think anyone reads my blog.. So no harm no foul, right?! 

So here goes nothing!! (I'm going to start with the entry after New Year's day because it is a lot like the post I made on here..and that my friends would be redundant...)

January 3, 2014

     So I did something really stupid. I knew it was stupid when it started and I knew I would only get hurt in the end, but I did it anyway. Because I'm stupid. Well it blew up in my face last night.

      I'm not totally ready to actually talk about what this stupid thing is quite yet... So don't ask...

     But I decided to make a list of things that are secret or not so known about me that I'm willing to tell you about.

1. I want a tattoo.
     I want to get a lot of different tattoos actually, but with the line of work I'm going into (Administrative Assisting) and the culture I live in (Utah Mormons..), it's not something that is smiled upon. So I'm really tempted to get one in the middle of my back, where no one will see it... I want to get a sun. I can't decide if I want it in black, brown, or possibly red ink... Oh well, I probably won't ever get one. But we'll see. I might do it on impulse one day.

2. My first kiss went to jail two days after we kissed for drug possession. 
     Ya...How romantic.
     It's a really long story but basically we worked together at a haunted corn maze. So we got comfortable with each other really fast. He kissed me and then two days later he went to jail. We didn't really talk about it after...or talk at all really. And parents have no idea...

3. I've snuck out of my house to make out with a guy in a tree house for a few hours.
      That makes me sound like a whore, right? Or just an adventurous, stupid teenager? Either way it was fun.

4. I daydream all the time.
     Like ALL THE TIME!!! I think of things that could happen and how I would react to them. Yes, it usually has to do with boys, but sometimes it's something like a gun man comes into my work or school and I stop him...That's not is?

5. I'm pretty good at twerking...
     For a white girl that is... I've always had pretty good control of my hops and just enough junk in the trunk.. :)

Hmmm... What else...?

6. I have a million celebrity crushes.
     Way more than a normal person. Way more than I'd like to the top of my head I can easily count more than 20.

7. I never match my socks.
     Unless it's my wool socks.

8. I have a slight obsession with flattened pennies.
     If I have a penny and two quarters, then I will get one...or two...I have a ton from Disneyland..

9. I am SUPER attracted to accents.
     Really though. Some guy will be alright or even so/so, but if they have an accent, particularly UK accents, they instantly become a million times hotter.

10. I hold my utensils like a British person.
     Ya know.. fork in the left hand and knife in the right. It's so much easier; you never have to put them down or switch hands! Duh!

There you have it!

Til next time!


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