Friday, April 27, 2012

Ruby Tuesday...

This is Ruby....Ruby Tuesday :)

She loves scrambled eggs, cheese, Starbucks pumpkin bread, steak, spice cake, and just about any other food....well except stuff like broccoli! :) She loves to stick her head out the window when we take a ride. She loves to take walks and sniff everything that exists. She loves chasing me when I wear my cow slippers. She loves to play and snuggle. She loves to look out the window and watch the world go by. 

She's my baby and one of my best friends. 

She slept in my room and often on my bed. She would run and jump on me and bark when I would get home from school, work, or even when I just ran outside to get the mail....but I usually bring her with me to do that.

She loves to the picture above. She brings smiles to everyone cuz she is just so dang cute! haha! And because she's a funny little dog....she's a Labrador Retriever Chihuahua....haha! ya...that's always a fun one to explain...lets just say her mom was the Lab and her dad was the chihuahua...they got creative... ;)

She always knows when something is wrong and she is right there to sit upon you and give loads of kisses. She's always the first to inform that there is someone at the know just in case we didn't hear the knock or doorbell...she's helpful like that! haha! She's also great at cleaning up the floor! haha! :)

Ruby is a major part of our family.

Well...sweet little Ruby would have been 7 today. My baby girl got sick at the end of last year and she passed away on January 22. Its been 3 months now and I still don't go a day without thinking about her. Our house just isn't the same without her. Its a lot quieter...but its just not the same.

I miss you baby. Happy Birthday.


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