Saturday, April 14, 2012

Gallivanting through the wild...

I also finished the Zoo pictures!! Yay Me!!! :)

While gallivanting through the wild place that is the Zoo, I took over a hundred pictures...haha I like to take lots of pictures! Anyway I took a lot of pictures but due to weird lighting and reflecting glass and such, not all of them turned here are the ones that did! :) Enjoy!

Its a giraffe made of beer bottle caps!!! So cool!

Monkey Love!! Ahhhh...

This baby elephant was so cute! He kept throwing dust and hay on himself! haha!

Its a rhino statue...just in case you couldn't figure it out... :)

I'm dedicating all of the tiger pictures to my little sis who if she could would have one for a pet! :)

French fries...that's probably something else that I should add to my die without list...haha! Oh and just FYI the food at the Zoo is actually pretty good!!

haha! This giraffe was very interested in what I was doing! He was a great model!

Ok...before you go on, I have to explain the next two pictures...

So Rachel and I come up on the crocodile enclosure and of course there are a ton of people oogling at them because they are crocodiles and they are all scary and scaley so of course everyone wants to look at them and comment on how scary and scaley they are..... so because of the many adoring fans, we are stuck way over at the side of the glass. Now I'm trying to look around this sign that is taped to the window...In my annoyance of this sign that is so rudely blocking my view I give it a menacing glare...yes that is very childish of me, but it really was in my way! ha! Anyways..while I am glaring at this sign I actually read it....

Here I took a picture of it for you so you can also read it:


Yes....that is what the annoying sign had to say for itself... gross....

So what do I do with this information?

I immediately scan the enclosure for these "whole foods such as rabbits and rodents" of course! Now don't tell me that when you were informed that there was something gross that you have never automatically looked for said grossness!! I can't be the only one......hopefully...haha!

Anyway...I look about the enclosure.....and this is what I find at the bottom of the crocodile pool.....

Ewww....I know....why did I take a picture of it you will ask?

Well....its like when you see something horrific you just can't look away....ya that's what I decided to share it with you so you couldn't stop looking at it and because I'm probably crazy...haha! But now we have had a horrific moment together!! haha!

Now you may proceed with the cute, less disgusting animals of the Zoo.....:)

Another childish thing about me...I LOVE carousels!! Like absolutely LOVE and ADORE them with all of my 18 year old heart!! And I have no shame in admitting that Rachel and I were the oldest civilians on that carousel and that we got many quizzical looks by the actual adults and the children alike....and I couldn't have cared one bit!!!

 I rode on a kangaroo...haha! 

 so there you have it....Our adventure with the wild beasts of the world was completed....and it totally made my life! haha!

thanks for reading about my crazy and childish times! :)


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