Monday, April 23, 2012

The official explanation of the shoes....

So...nothing has really happened in my fabulous little world recently...well nothing that is really worth talking about to all of you people...

So I thought that I would explain a story from my past...


Now in my first post, I said that I loved photography and posted a bunch of photos by moi! (That is spelled really weird...I had to google it...ha)

Anyway...I posted a bunch of pictures and well this was one of them:

So it is time for me to explain the meaning of this isn't what it seems...ha! all started in late summer of 2010. I had just turned 16 that spring and I was looking for a job. Well in my fun city there is a place called Cornbelly's that comes every October and has loads of fun fall stuff like pumpkins, hayrides, food, music, playgrounds, and two different corn mazes: a normal get lost kind of one....and a haunted one... :)

Well I decided to apply that late summer...and what do ya know? I get called in for an interview! Yay me! So I get the interview and I get an email and I'm HIRED!! YAY MY FIRST JOB!!! :) 

A few weeks later is the employee party kick-off thing where you learn all of the rules for being a good person and employee so you don't make people mad and get fired. You also find out what section of Cornbelly's you will be working in. So they go through the whole be a good person shpeel and then each of the managers over the different parts come up and call of the people that they are over. 

Long story short...Jason Belnap calls my name...he is over...the HAUNTERS!!! :) Ya! pretty much the funnest job EVER!!! So yes for the last two Octobers I have been running around...well not really...I've usually been tied up...but still...I've been about in a corn maze scaring the crap out of people while covered in blood!! YAY!!! So the picture above are the wonderful pair of shoes that I wore for both Octobers...I have since gotten a new pair...but I haven't gotten around to throwing this pair away...we have just been through too much together! haha! I know they are shoes...but by know ya'll should know that I do many childish not being able to throw a pair of gnarly bloody shoes away...

Now...I'm gonna share some more pics...OF COURSE!!! :) Not all of these were taken by me, but I want you to get a feel of what went on in the life of a teenage haunter! Enjoy!!

Kay so I would first like to show what I normally look like...on a really good day I might add!!

So yes I am fairly cute (I think) and blonde curly hair and sweet smile...nothing that would seem creepy or would bring to mind thoughts of fear.... is what I look like at work...

October 2010 

So....not so cute and loverly huh?! haha! 

Yes there was lots of blood involved...bloody shoes make more sense now....

So ya the first October I was the victim of two cannibals. We eventually got this HUGE grill that I was chained to where I would kick and scream and beg for help while my lovely and very hungry partners terrorized those that dared to pass by.... good times!

haha! Small side note!! While I was kicking and screaming upon my oh so comfortable metal grill....I actually broke the first night...haha! Ya I am that strong! AND One night this little old lady came through and she was really bothered by my cries for help and so she actually came over and tried to HELP me!! Yes she actually came over and tried to undo the chains that connected me to my eternal doom!!......let's just say that it was a slightly awkward moment....

CARRY ON.... :)

October 2011

So this last October I again signed up to be a haunter and again got in!!! Happy Day! So this year I was a victim...again! And I was chained up....again! haha! Apparently I'm pretty good at the whole chained up damsel in distress that has been captured by some psychopath and beaten bloody...haha!

Yes...that's what I did...except this time I was chained up to a pole while my partner...who you will see in a sec...would hide behind a barrel. The wonderful people would come around a corner and see me on the ground chained up, beaten, and bloody, crying for help! Now a light was shining at me as well as in the faces of the unsuspecting guests so that they didn't notice the barrel just behind the light shining into their eyes that my partner was hiding behind. Then just as they got to the barrel he would jump out and smash his huge chain against said barrel and go into some psycho rant with the occasional smacking around of me....great fun!! haha!

Oh another fun tid bit...the picture above shows the wonderful make up that had to be applied every night....well thanks to youtube I learned how to do all that myself and did it every night!! I was pretty proud of if you ever find yourself in need of someone that can make you look like you have just been beat up....I'm your gal!!! :)

Now...for my partner!!

May I present to you the wonderful Jason!!! :)

Don't we just make a great pair?!

haha! So this is Jason! He has been my partner for both of the wonderfully terrifying Octobers of being a haunter! He is incredibly talented and....I am willing to admit that I found myself genuinely scared on multiple occasions while working with him! haha! And that's when I knew that he is actually a super nice guy and I know that he would never ever EVER hurt me in real life!! So ya... :) We work well together! 

So I have had many fun times and hope to have more...if my schedule will allow it...fingers crossed!!

So there you have it! The official explanation of the shoes!



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