Friday, April 13, 2012

Fun-ness that we came up with...

*deep breath*

So....this week in my world has been a week without school dedicated to the changing of seasons from cold, snowy winter to the warmer, rainy, yet beautiful season of spring....more simply known as....Spring Break!

Now many people are known to go to tropical places such as Mexico or California or Flordia and get a little crazy and then a murderer comes in and now it has all turned into an episode of CSI.....ya that didn't happen to me...thank goodness!

But I did want to have a crazy fun week...I wanted to come back to school with stories to tell of the places I had been and people I had met! I was determined to not just sit at home eating chocolate and watching romantic comedies.... Also one of my best friends went to New York and I wanted to say I did something kinda cool....haha!

So my other home bound friend, Rachel (who BTW has a newly made blog too! Read it and Love it!) came up with a list of things that we have to do over our week of no school!!!

Here was the list of fun-ness that we came up with!

1. Picnic at the Zoo
2. Movie marathon
3. Road Trip
4. Go to City Creek Mall
5. Play Laser Tag
6. Go to the cool new park near Westlake high
7. Photo shoot Day
8. Dye Rachel's hair
9. Go horseback riding
10.Make pet rocks
Good stuff huh!!

Well so far we have completed #'s 1, 4, 6, 7, and 8...that's half of the list!! Not bad!

So on Tuesday we decided to kill multiple birds with one stone...not literally....figuratively...of course! So we decided that we would go to the cool new park (#6) and have our photo shoot day (#7) at said cool park. So we drive our cute selves over to the cool park that is actually named Neptune Park! fancy name for a fancy park!

Well we didn't really think through the whole its spring break so all the schools are out and the weather is amazing thing...well long story short this oh so cool park was INFESTED with children and their adoring joke! It seriously looked like a whole elementary school was dumped onto this playground!! Now it was the COOLEST playground EVER! It had this 30 ish feet high pyramid made of pipes and rope ladders and it had landing in it that you could just chill on as you climbed to the top. It had this thing that was a mix between a sea saw and swings. It had this cube-block thing that was covered in mini rock walls. And of course it had the normal slide/monkey bar grouping thing that all normal parks have...oh and it had swings, ya coolest park ever, but it had a severe infestation of children....

So the whole photo shoot at the park idea was not going to this problem solving skills to the rescue!! We went to another park!!! :) and this one had a river running through it!! ya its cool! Anyway...we had our fun at this park for the day! Pictures soon to come! :)

The next day (Wednesday....I still say wed-nes-day like in different syllables that sound just like they are spelled in my head every time I spell this day of the week...haha) Anyway....on Wednesday we decided to have our Zoo day!!!! I was sooooo stoked because I hadn't been to the Zoo for some years....I know it seems childish, but I just love the Zoo!!

So yes we headed out to the Zoo and the weather man had informed us that there was going to be rain and thunder and lightning...all the works! But we were willing to brave the storm, but apparently so was the rest of the state.....but hey we are willing to share! We are just nice like that! :)

So we galloped about the premises gawking at all of the exotic and wild beasts!! All the while taking loads of pictures.....oh and talking in a English accents...haha ya we are dorks!! but it was sooo fun! Everyone would give us weird looks...especially the kids....probably because the only people that they know that speak in this manner are the characters of Harry Potter...haha!

Well it has definitely been a busy, successful, and super fun week so far! And Rachel and I have all day tomorrow to get as much done on our list...haha Well I will let you all know how it goes and I will have pictures of the lovely Rachel and of our Zoo excursion! :)


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