Saturday, May 5, 2012

It Was Just Perfect....

So, when everyone is a little girl, well not everyone...just the girls...Anyway! When girls were little they always dreamed of becoming a princess. They got the dress up clothes, played with mom's make up, watched all of the Disney films, the whole shabang! 

Well...I wasn't one of those girls. I liked animals and dirt and cars and climbing trees. I didn't like pink or ruffles or dresses...unless they were completely plain...then I tolerated them. I liked to wear t-shirts and pants. Nothing fancy. I played and hung out with all of the guys. I didn't have a favorite Disney princess. So yes I was a complete tom-boy. I never had those dreams of becoming a princess one day and have a happily ever after....

Well that changed when I was older. Not only do I have some sort of style now,(I'm still not a huge fan of skirts, but I do wear cute clothes that are made for girls), but I did want to be a princess... of sorts...for just one special night...


Yes the thought of Prom came to me when I was in middle school. I would hear other students, mostly girls, talk about their older sisters getting ready for the special night. I eventually learned what it was...a night where a guy and a girl get all dolled up in gowns and tuxes to go to a dance. It was talked about as if it were almost sacred.

By this time I had started to pay attention to boys and what I was wearing...and realized that I wanted to go to Prom someday. I wanted to get asked and find the perfect dress. I wanted to get all dolled up and feel like the most beautiful thing there was. I wanted for one night to feel like I was a princess.

So I got to high school and in both my sophomore and junior years I didn't get asked. But I always had hope because I had another year, another chance for my special night.

I am in my senior year now, and I knew that when the school year started I was going to go to Prom. I had decided that even if I didn't get asked I was still going to go. Everyone has to go to Prom once in their life right? So I began to pay attention to dresses in about March. Well right by where I work, there is a little Bridal Shop. I would drive past it everyday home from work and one day I glanced while driving past and saw it. It was the most beautiful dress I had ever seen. For the next few days I would only get glances at it as I drove past. One day I got tired of it all and pulled over. I got out of the car and walked up to the window.  I knew then that this was my dress.

A few weeks later I went in with my mom and bought it. It was absolutely perfect! So I had the I just needed my Prince Charming.

Well long story short...I went through three dates. Yes I did say THREE. For some reason or another whether it was they asked someone else and completely lead me on or last minute decided they didn't want to go to the dance or that they had a HUGE school fee they had to pay or they wouldn't graduate so they had to take a shift at work.....I was stuck with the dress of my dreams and no date to Prom two days before the dance.

Now I had decided before that if I didn't get asked, I would just go by myself, but sitting there with that being my only option....I wasn't so happy with it. I was sad that I wouldn't have someone to make me feel all special, someone that would open the door for me, pull back my chair, help me up the stairs in my dress....I wanted a Prince Charming to escort me to the ball I had been dreaming about for all those years...

This is the time in the fairy tales that the Fairy Godmother comes in and saves the day. Well I did have someone save me...and it wasn't a fairy...or a mother....It was my dad! :) He called up a man in my neighborhood that we were friends with. My dad told the man what had happened to me and if his son might be able and willing to take me to Prom. The man contacted his son and then called my dad back with the amazing news that his son would love to go to Prom with me! :) So I want to give a HUGE GIGANTIC ENORMOUS thank you to my dad! Without you I wouldn't have had such an amazing night! I love you!!!

So the big night came and I was sooo excited. I got all ready and my mom helped me into my it was time to wait...I was all jittery and nervous. I was super excited but I didn't know my date super well and I just wanted to the night to be perfect....well IT WAS!!! 

It was THE GREATEST night of my entire life!!!! :) My date, Cyler, was soo much fun! He was so sweet. He borrowed his grandpa's car (a Chrysler 300!!!!). He always got my door AND he always tucked in my dress so it didn't get closed in the car door. He was such a gentleman and he is sooo funny! :) He had me laughing all night!  I want to thank Cyler soooooo much for taking me to Prom. You were the BEST date ever! Thank you thank you thank you!! You are the greatest!

Well he picked me up and we headed off to dinner at the Garden Restaurant. We met up with the rest of our group there too. We had a wonderful meal (I had the Romano Encrusted Chicken Pasta...SOOO GOOD!!). We talked and laughed and watched the beautiful sunset outside. After we finished, we headed to the dance at the State Capitol Building! We had such a great time! :) We danced and took pictures and ahh it was such an amazing night! After the dance we went to a friends place and watched a was Tarzan..haha! I hadn't seen that movie forever and I was so much fun!!

Yes I had a chance to be a princess for one night! I had my Prince Charming and I had the most amazing night at the ball! It couldn't have been more perfect! :)

And it is picture time!! :) I want to thank the amazing Shayna Henke for taking these amazing photos!!!

 So here I am all dolled up!!! I love these earrings!!


Here's THE dress!!! :)

I love this dress!!! It is still hanging up in my house! :)

Oh and the fabulous little jacket I'm wearing is actually my grandmother's! She wore it to her Prom! I loved it! :) So thanks grandma!!

Here are my shoes...they were surprisingly comfortable...and gorgeous!!! haha! I love shoes!

This is my dad!! One of the heroes of the night and in my life! I love my daddy soooo much!!! :)

This is my mommy....I love her soo much too!

 I LOVE this picture!! This is my little brother Bryson! What a stud!! :)

And now....

what you have all been waiting for...

My date!!

Here is the amazing Cyler!!

We looked good huh?! :)

 He had pretty big muscles...he couldn't help showing them off! haha! :)

 So Shayna didn't take this one...but I wanted to show ya'll what I got to ride in!!! :) It was sooo stinking fast! Cyler and I decided to see how fast we could go while getting on the freeway....(90 mph by the way...) and it was sooo much fun! It is a way nice car and I totally want one now!

And here he is being such a gentleman and tucking in my dress!

 So yes it was the best night EVER! I felt so pretty, just like a true princess! It was even better than I could have ever hoped or dreamed the night would be! It was just perfect! :)


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