Monday, April 9, 2012

Things that I would absolutely DIE without...

So...I reread my first post and realized that I came off rather gloomy. I promise that I'm really not a drab person. I am actually quite happy! :) 

So I have decided to share some things that bring me great enjoyment!

The first thing on my list is something that I have rediscovered with it being Easter and all....


I had honestly forgotten how much I truly love these fruity, sugary beans! They are quite fabulous and I insist that if you have also grown apart from them that you should repent of your ways and renew your love as well!

Now the next things on my list are three of the things that I would absolutely die without! You see I can get rather anxious in the midst of my crazy life....I have found that these things are pretty much the only things that can actually really calm me down. 

First thing on my die without list is...


Now I'm not one of those people that can draw something and make it look like a picture...not anywhere close...but I....doodle! That's a good word for it! Yes I am one dang good Doodler! 

So above is one of my works of doodle art...I finished that one a few months ago. I have a little book and I can just sit for hours and let what ever comes to my mind fall out onto the paper....ya my mind is a little odd!! Ha...but it truly makes me happy!

Alright...the next thing on my die without list is....


Now I am no where near as good as the lovely ladies in these pictures...I hope to be someday...but I do love to dance. I have been taking dance through my high school since my sophomore year. I am currently on one of their dance teams...GO SYNERGY!! 

Since I haven't been dancing since I was able to walk like a lot of the other girls on my team, I don't have a lot of the fancy technique like the top picture....but I know that I put my heart and soul into every step I dance!! 

I sometimes get down on myself because I can't kick my leg that high or I don't know what the name of some twirly jump is...but then I remember that I know how to put meaning into the steps...I can transfer all of the anxiety and worries I have into every move and make it all my own and I can have a moment where the whole crazy world is gone and I'm just in that moment and nothing else matters and I'm no longer afraid or scared or worried.....ya that's why I dance.... :)

Final thing on my die without list is....


Yes I LOVE photography!! I've wanted to be a photographer since I was in sixth grade! sixth grade I wanted to be a National Geographic Wildlife Photographer that traveled to the most remote places on the earth to take a picture of a rare type of beetle.... :) Ya...I've since honed in my dream...but its still there a little...

I have always had a cute digital camera, but this last fall I bought myself a Nikon D3000...Its my boyfriend... :) His name is Phil... Ha! But I really do love him...and the pictures I take with him!  

Here are some photos I've taken in the last few months...

HA! ya this one is a story for another day... :)

So ya...I like taking some pictures...all of the photos..well except for some like the dance ones...will be taken by me! Because of this blog I finally have an excuse to go on multiple dates with Phil during the week! YAY!

There you have it! My list of things that I would die without! See I'm not some crazy gloomy chick! I do have a life and things that bring me immense joy! Ha!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I love you Megan. I'm so glad you're my daughter!