Thursday, May 1, 2014

It's been a good day...

Kay seriously...It is really amazing how this universe works!

I was all down and lame and sad and the world wasn't going the way that I wanted at all..

Now I decided that I'm gonna be happy and that I'm gonna go for my dreams and what I really want in life and what do I get...


Ya you heard me. FOUR! One of them was today and it was with a staffing agency. Then less then two hours after I leave, I get a call and they found a job for me! So that one is next week. Then I'm chilling on the couch being all happy and I get another call. It's from my current job. (I applied to be a full time employee cuz I knew I would get the job and why not get paid more while I look for my dream job.) There's another interview for tomorrow. Then about an hour later...ANOTHER call. This one from... drum roll...VITALSMARTS!! Ya know the company that I actually want to work for!! Ya I've got an interview with them next week too...

It's been a good day... :)

So word to the wise! Be happy!! Even if life totally sucks right now. If you are willing to keep your head up and choose to be happy and moving forward in your life, things will turn around. You will get the things that you want in life. Don't give up!!

Keep smiling ya'll!!

Til next time!


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