Thursday, April 17, 2014

I have some FREAKING HOT hair...

I'm pretty darn sure that I posted on here about my hair goal...I don't remember when...and I really would rather not go back and find it...Yes I am that lazy!! No shame!!

Anyways...When I was in 7th grade, I decided to chop my hair off...Like cheeck bones chop it off..and I loved it! It was short and spunky and really a whole lot easier to deal with than long hair. Well I kept it that short for a long time.

Then a few weeks after I graduated from high school... I went and saw Brave. Ya know the super fantastical Disney movie with the young Scottish chick with the super luxurious, crazy, red, curly hair...

Ya so I saw the movie and I realized... THAT is what my hair would look like if it was long!! And so I made the decision to grow it out. And I was determined to do it this time too..I had tried a few times before, but got impatient and chopped it off again...HAHA..oops!
So here is a picture of me from August 2012...about a month after I decided to start the lengthy process of growing out my hair. (haha lengthy...get it...haha...oh man I'm so lame!!)

Here is a picture that I took this morning!! SELFIE!! (no shame!)

Not bad right?! After almost two years of growing it is a few inches past my shoulders! :) I am TOTALLY loving my hair long and I TOTALLY wish that I did it soooo much sooner than I did!
I will admit that long curly hair can be a bit (or more!!) of a pain at times...But it is so worth it!! Not to sound conceited or whatever...But I have some FREAKING HOT hair!! haha!
So ya...there's my story for the day!
Til next time1

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