Tuesday, June 3, 2014

So there's that...

This last week has been rather interesting.. Quite crazy to be honest.

First. I DO NOT get along with bugs. Particularly the kind that bite you. Like mosquitoes. Or spiders.

You see, I am more allergic to these little beasties than most people are. I completely swell up like a balloon! Huge, red, hot welt that itches WAY more that you thought could ever be possible. It is truly the worst thing on the entire planet. Well..on Tuesday, I had the horrid misfortune of running into one of the awful little creatures. 

I was hanging out with my family in the front of our house; the weather is getting quite wonderful, and why stay inside when you can be out in the open air? While enjoying the warm breeze and the laughter and conversation of my loved ones, I took notice that I was starting to frequently scratch the same place on my leg. I look down and lo and behold, I find a small red bump on my ankle. Awesome. I proceed to go inside and, with every fiber of my being, do everything I can to not scratch the infected area.

The next day, it is as good as is expected. It has become a larger, swollen, red bump that ITCHES. I do my best to ignore it and continue on with my day to work. By the end of my shift, my leg is noticeably swollen and red and really... gross. It feels like it is on fire as well... My coworkers are all fairly worried, but I assure them that it is simply a mosquito bite and that it is not something that should be worried over. Still, my boss allows me to sit instead of stand and provides an icepack to help with the swelling and itching. 

The following day...It's not looking so good. My ankle and foot are visible]y swollen. The bite area is really hot. My joints are rather stiff and uncomfortable. Still, I hold my ground in the idea that it is a mere mosquito bite and that all is well. Then I get to work and everyone checks up on me. All have the same reaction: "You NEED to get to a doctor!" I shoot down the idea...at first. Then a few hours into my shift, I realize that the heat of the bite is traveling..half way up my shin; my stubborn nature starts to melt at this point. Finally I decided that I am in need of some medical attention. I ask to take a long lunch and head over to the local clinic.

The doctor comes in, looks at my leg for two seconds, and says, "Yup. That's a spider bite." Awesome. I am given some SUPER nasty medicine to stop the allergic reaction, antibiotics to combat the dirty spider mouth germs, cream to calm the itching, and a wrap from foot to knee to stop the swelling. By that night, things were looking much better! And now today, a week later, things are pretty much healed! I still have a mark on my leg and it is still a tad bit sensitive, but the situation has been neutralized!

Now a good story like that can't go without pictures!!

 Here we have my super sexy leg wrap with my trusty bag of peas alongside a picture of my leg taken about an hour before I went to the doctor.

Here is a quick comparison between an hour before the doctor on the left (ya know if you couldn't tell..) and that night after going to the doctor. Yay for modern medicine!!

So there's that.

Second. My lil bro graduated. Weird. It made me feel rather old and nostalgic... But that is a whole other story for another day!

Hmmmm... oh ya! I also took a pretty rad pic of myself! That is really lame to say... wow... HA! But hey! Nothing makes you feel better than getting a pic of you that actually looks good! So ya.. here it is...

Not too bad right?! I just love it when my hair cooperates! #curlyhairproblems

Well... That is all! ...for now.

Til next time!


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