Sunday, March 31, 2013

My hair goal is under way....

4th catch up post.

Really I'm on a roll!! :)


So I used to have really long hair. Really long. Here is an example:

This is me when I was 9. (HOLY CRAP!! 10 FREAKING YEARS AGO!!! I'm so old.) But ya. This is my hair when I was younger. It was at least this long as long as I could remember...forever really!

Then when I was in 7th grade I cut it. OFF. Like cheek bones. And I have had it short ever since. I liked it short. It was fun and spunky and curly and fantastic. But, I couldn't do anything with it. Down. Ponytail. Bun. That's all I got. At first this didn't bug me. Long hair is such a hassle! And all I had to do was comb it, put gel in it, and DONE! It was fantastic.

Anyway fast forward to June last year. I had been debating whether I wanted to grow it out or if I wanted to leave it. I had been wishing I could do more with my hair, but I am impatient (another thing that I am working on) and if I was going to grow it out, I just wanted it to be long after like.... a week! But alas that is not realistic. :P

So ya I was in this weird place of indecision. Then on that one day in June, my decision was made. That day was when I went and saw Brave!

I mean LOOK at that hair!! That is what my hair looks like when it is fabulous and long. After I saw that movie I promised that I wouldn't cut my hair until it was long. And I can proudly say that I haven't. And man it has grown.

Here is what my hair looked like the day that I decided to grow my hair out.

See cheekbone length. And yes, that is my beautiful mother! She is fantastic!

Now this is what it looks like today (well not actually this very day, but this hair is currently up in a cute up-do. Thank you pinterest!)

This is me on my 19th birthday!! And yes with my gorgeous mother again! :) My hair is now resting on my shoulders! From cheekbones to shoulders in.....9 months. (sorry had to do the math in my head! haha) Ya. I don't really have a special trick. I took biotin for a month-ish. A lot of people told me that it helps, but I didn't take it long enough to know the difference. (I kept forgetting to take it!) I guess just stay healthy and keep your hair healthy. 

So ya. My hair goal is under way. Another 6 months to a year, and it should be where I want it. Oh and I need to get it layered....oh time. Anyway, loving it so far!

Keep you posted on its progression. :)

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