Sunday, March 31, 2013

And they needed...

5th (and last!) catch up post.

No worries you don't have to hear from me again today. Like I said in my first post from today (To a new start) once you get me going, I don't really stop! haha!

So. I have talked about my love for Halloween before on here. (I posted a make up video a few months back.) But for those that are just joining in now, (welcome!) I LOVE LOVE LOVE HALLOWEEN! I mean really it is kind of an obsession. I always thought it was awesome, but a few years ago, three to be exact, I started working at a haunted corn maze. (Shout out to Thanksgiving Point, Cornbelly's, and Insanity Point!!)

Ever since then, I have been obsessed. I count down the days until October. Until the day that I can get all dressed up, bloodied up, and paid to run around a corn maze making people cry! It is really so exhilarating and one of the greatest things ever! AH! I love it!

So ever since my obsession began, I created a dream. You know one of those far out dreams that you are aware that will probably never happen, but it still makes you happy to think about. Well my far out, happy dream is acting in a scary movie. Like big picture, red carpet, premier, award show, on Ellen (ya it is a huge dream of mine to go to let alone be on the Ellen show) kind of movie. HA! I know it is kind of out there, but it is still something that I dream about.

Well one day, my dad emails me an add off of Craig's List. Some one in my dear state was planning on making an indie movie and they needed.....


Ya. Being a zombie in a movie sounds like an awesome idea! And I know that it isn't my huge, amazing movie dream, but its a movie for heaven's sake! So all they asked for was some pictures of yourself as a zombie...


First off I want to thank my brother for taking all of the pictures! They turned out fantastic!

So. Ya. I'm obsessed. But I love it with all of my heart! I haven't had so much fun in a long time!

HAHA! Quick story! So there are a lot of little kids in my neighborhood. So I started this fantastic photoshoot in my front yard, well after a few kids stopped in the middle of the street to partake in the glorious show, I decided that it would be best to move the party to the back yard.

Well things are going great in the somewhat more private place... When out of nowhere my brother starts to laugh. I turn around and there are about 6-8 kids hanging on a playset and the fence staring at me. Horrified. Ya. I'm the crazy scary one in he neighborhood! 

So if you ever decide to go crazy with the fake bood and makeup....make sure that you are somewhere that the little, innocent children won't partake in your craziness. Wisdom of the day.    

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