Friday, September 14, 2012

Kinda Crazy With Lots and Lots of Changes.....

I'm desperately sorry. I truly am!

This summer has been kinda crazy with lots and lots of changes and unfortunately I haven't found a lot of time to get myself on here.

So...Recap! haha!

A few posts ago (its titled Dare To Begin), I talked about how everything was going to be changing in my life. Well it has, a lot actually, but I LOVE IT!!

I now work at Ross and I really do like it. I put clothes and all the other stuff back where they belong in the store or I work in the customer service and do returns and such. Its pretty chill most of the time, but sometimes it can get a little crazy...customers are weird. But basically I get paid to be OCD!! Which for me is awesome! haha!

I just finished my first week of college! I absolutely LOVE it!! :) My professors are all really cool, one of them is a little insane, but I really like all of them. I LOVE Salt Lake City, like soooo much! I absolutely love being up in the city most of the week. The only thing that is not so much fun is that my first classes start at 7:40 a.m. which isn't so bad normally, but I live half an hour away driving. So I take the bus and trax (Utah's above ground version of the subway) to get to school and bus picks up at 6 a.m. :( I have to wake up at at 4:30! It kinda sucks! But everything else makes it worth it I guess... :)

um....let's see.... I guess that's really all that's changed. Other than everyone that is my age is leaving to college or getting married. That's weird! But ya. I was all worried and it really wasn't that big of a deal.

So ya I love my life! :)

OH!!! And so I got this really nice laptop when I graduated and it has a camera on it....soooooo I'm thinking I'm gonna post videos and kinda turn this thing into a vlog....we'll see. Oh and I might be posting them on youtube too. So ya!

Love you all!


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